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Get a dedicated coach for 90 days to take your sales team from ineffective to invaluable. 

Implementation support

Done for you templates

Are you tired of taking your sales team out of the field for ineffective sales training?

The dirty little secret about sales training isn’t a secret.

Studies indicate that participants in traditional curriculum-based training forget as much as 80% of the information taught within 90 days.

Don't be satisfied with that status quo...

Put an end to common training difficulties:

Parallel Lines

Wasted time and money.

Liquid Bubbles

Information overwhelm.

Elegant Abstract Background

Lost Opportunities.

Darrek Boyko - The Selling Playbook


Discover our process to take you from 'accidental sales' to repeatable success.

Darrell Boyko
The Selling Playbook

Connect with your leads

Communicating clearly establishes rapport and trust. When we are bogged down in the details of our own business, our communication can suffer by becoming short, confusing, and unhelpful. Our tools can help you clarify, organize, and streamline your communication repertoire so you grow your ability to connect with others which is the precursor to growing sales.

FIND that Swagger in your step

Making new sales can feel intimidating. Procrastinating makes it overwhelming. At The Selling Playbook, we help you map out each step so you can feel confident you are doing all the right things to make that sale. It’s time to feel the power that comes from knowing you have the tools and track record to increase your revenue.

Geek out with our formulas

Sales are predictable.  At the Selling Playbook we help you apply a system of measuring and analyzing key performance indicators, so you can make smart decisions to increase your sales with REAL RESULTS.

Sales Agent
Man Scanning a Product

How do I finally 'figure out' sales?

 When you've relied on luck, charisma or star employees to land sales... 

When you can land referrals with ease but rarely book cold leads... 

  When you think about your sales system and a question mark appears...  

  When you feel out of control and at the mercy of outside factors...  

When you aren't sure the difference between marketing and sales...

You need a selling playbook.

Here's How to get STARTED...


Using a Computer_edited.jpg


Finally get your sales system figured out with our on-demand program. Walk through step-by step instructions at your own pace.  


Want to get further faster? Sign up for our coaching program where we will take you through building your playbook with expert guidance and one-on-one attention. 

Image by Austin Distel
Build Your Playbook
Business Owner
Business Meeting
Document with Pen

Engineering Services

Financial services





Proven in these industries...


Here’s the bottom line…

We know that you want to become a Sales Leader that elevates the performance of your team and gets significant results. In order to do that you need your team organized, standardized and productive. The problem is, “the way things have always been done” is ineffective. We believe that you deserve to be a team leader that gets results from your team. That is why The Selling Playbook is a proven and repeatable framework that gets your team organized and exceeding sales budgets.

RBC Raj Patel .jpg

I had invited Darrell to join my team at our recent Commercial Business conference - to speak to an audience of junior and senior commercial banking lenders. He came in and gave an amazing, energy-filled insightful presentation to my team. He truly showed he’s a master in the domain of sales training. I would not hesitate to engage Darrell to facilitate future discussions and seminars with my team."

Shreeraj Patel, B. Comm. (Hons) MBA

Vice President – Commercial Financial Services 
RBC Royal Bank of Canada


Darrell has transformed my paradigm of an effective and efficient sales process through his training and mentorship on “going to the C suite”. This mentality and system has provided a measurable ROI to my business and has influenced how I see, do and teach sales the rest of my life.

Jordan Hammond

Owner and CEO Genuine Comfort

Phone Call Blitz Tracker - OPT IN2.jpg
Phone Call Blitz Tracker - OPT IN.jpg


This is our most popular resource for good reason! This printable resource has been developed for your success. Help your sales team track their weekly goals, meetings booked, observations and growth.


Trusted by top companies...

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