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Shorten sales cycles


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most sales teams ARE under-equipped  

   Which results in...  

Long sales cycles  

Inconsistent performance

Wasted time & money


Design a scalable selling system and then work 1-on-1 with a coach to help you bring it to life.


a well-resourced team will never underperform

in as little as 90 days you can change your team's actions and outcomes...

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Be the leader of a high performance team

With the SellingPlaybook Signature Program, you and your team will receive 1-on-1 guidance to complete your 8-part SellingPlaybook, followed by 6 months of coaching support to get your team up and running, and closing more deals.

Sustained high performance

Repeatable processes

Scalable growth


A personal message

Darrell Boyko
CEO  The SellingPlaybook

Even the best CEOs are disappointed by inconsistent sales results. I've worked for, trained up and been a trusted advisor to hundreds of different-sized firms in various industries over the last 12 years. 


While each firm has its own set of strengths, I have observed three gaps consistently across these organizations.  Specifically, sales strategy was misaligned, management processes unclear, and an execution framework undefined, these issues were at the root cause of their struggles. It is for this reason that I created the SellingPlaybook. 


The SellingPlaybook Signature Program is a detailed system of proven best practices, principles, and tools that will take your team from 'stuck' to 'success' by shortening sales cycles and setting them up to close more deals.

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This training has transformed my paradigm of an effective and efficient sales process. This system has provided a measurable ROI to my business and has influenced how I see, do and teach sales.


 Jordan H, CEO

Distribution + Warehousing

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Great Teams Have Great Coaches in Their Corner

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Here's how it works

Once you are ready to make big things happen book a consultation and we’ll  guide you to:



Build a playbook

You will build your 8-part SellingPlaybook in-person or by web conference in instructor-led mini-sessions.



Implement a system that works

Your team will implement your playbook and refine it over the next 180-days with sales coaching support. 


You will be given an implementation roadmap that your coach will support so you can feel confident that you and your team will execute.  



Unleash your team's full potential 

Your coach will provide support and accountability as you lead your team's efforts of qualifying new customers and closing new business.


Once your team has fully implemented your SellingPlaybook, you can say goodbye to inconsistent sales and say hello to sustained performance.   

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New growth
New Revenue

Fortune 100, S&P 500, Large & Medium US and Canadian Companies, have all been acquired using The SellingPlaybook system.  For our clients, and their communities these large account partnerships have resulted in new jobs, many (many many) millions of dollars in new revenue and future growth opportunities.

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The best time to build your playbook was yesterday. The second best time is now.  

Build your selling playbook
And Build your business

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